Residential Care

Residential Care Communities offer a homelike environment

Residential Care Communities offer a homelike environment

Residential Care facilities, also known as “Board and Care Homes” or residential assisted living, are smaller and usually have 6 beds. Residents often have their own room, but can also share rooms. As is the case in someones own home, the occupants may have to share a bathroom. These homes are likely to be more homelike, quiet, and located in suburban neighborhoods.

The primary difference between residential care facilities and assisted living facilities is size.

Residential care communities and retirement homes can work with adult day care to increase options for socialization.

Many personalize activities for each resident as opposed to large groups.  Services are similar in both environments, but delivery of services can be different. Assisted living communities which are larger often have regular times for bathing and getting dressed, scheduled meals and activities, etc.

Residential Care Communities encourage family visits

Residential Care Communities encourage family visits

which works well for their clients

Residential care communities are able to customize service  for each resident, every day. There are so many

residential homes in this area, you can usually find residential care homes that cater to people who share similar health issues, hobbies, and backgrounds.

Regulations, licensing, and oversight are usually similar for residential care and assisted living.

 What’s an Ombudsman?

All licensed residential care facilities are to post the phone number to your local “Long-term Care Ombudsman”.  This is a federal program under the Older Americans Act according to the California Department of Aging.

The Long-term Care Ombudsman is to investigate complaints and concerns of abuse on behalf of elders who live in residential care facilities. Ombudsman’s services are free and confidential.  There is also a statewide CRISIS line number available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week 1-800-231-4024

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