Senior Housing Orange County

Senior Housing Orange County California 

What are your senior housing Orange County options ?  You may be looking for senior  housing options for yourself or a loved one who needs assistance because of medical issues. There are many options in the Orange County, California area that may or may not be what  you are looking for. To help you discover the best senior housing option for you and your  family we have prepared a small guide.

Step 1: Define the most important reasons and needs for senior housing alternatives  Some questions to ask to help determine these are:

  1. Do you or your loved one need help with daily activities like cleaning, shopping, cooking, eating, help with pets, etc?
  2. Are there special medical requirements from a previous event or  condition such as a stroke, heart attack, diabetes, medication  management, etc?
  3. Are there other conditions that will require greater assistance in the future such as Alzheimer’s or Dementia?
  4. Is there a social network support such as family and friends living  nearby? How important is it to have access to more social interactions with others?
  5. What are the financial commitments necessary for each senior housing option? Is there assistance available?

Step 2: Understand and prepare for the change in living situation  Things to consider and discuss when exploring options

  1. The idea of losing complete independence and control over one’s living  situation is often stressful.  It’s important to remember that by actively  taking steps to manage one’s own living circumstances early on it’s possible to prolong greater independence. Someone who has assistance doing routine tasks that may be more difficult for them as they age may prevent injuries and stress that might otherwise cause  them harm and force a lack of independence sooner.
  2. Senior Housing does not mean losing contact with friends and family.  If  you choose senior housing near your friends and family in Orange County, they will still be close. You also open the door for more social  interactions with others and new potential friendships.
  3. There are often opportunities to try out the senior housing options near  you. Ask a senior living consultant for advice on how you or your loved  ones may be able to experience some of the options in person to see if  its something you are comfortable with.

Step 3: Examine the  Senior Housing Orange County Options California

There are well over 100 senior housing apartments, communities, and nursing homes  in the Orange County area. What are the available options? What is the best option for you  and your loved ones?

Home Health Care may be an option if you have easy access to  transportation, minimal issues with home maintenance, few medical  needs, and live in a safe area. There are several options to have health  care provided in home. Home health care can be isolating if the person  involved does not have an active local social network.

Independent Retirement Communities, also known as retirement  homes, senior housing, and senior apartments. These facilities allow  seniors to remain independent but can provide for some assistance with  daily activities and provide upkeep, maintenance, and cleaning that would normally be required if someone was living alone. There are also  many social opportunities available in these types of communities.

Assisted Living, which is also known by other names such as residential  care, board and care, adult care home, adult group home, alternative  care facility, etc. These facilities are designed to provide more care than is normally available in the independent communities. Assisted living facilities are not designed for those who need constant medical care, but medical staff is available all hours.

Nursing homes are the best option for those who require constant medical care. Licensed physicians and nurses are available and assigned to help each resident. Nursing homes are also able to provide residents with a great deal of help with daily activities. If someone has recently experienced a traumatic health event, or has a continually worsening condition, a nursing home is often the best option.

When deciding on the best senior housing Orange County solution for you and your loved  ones its important to look at all the options. Sometimes the best way to discover your ideal  living situation is to visit the different places and see for yourself. Ask for guidance from an experienced senior living consultant who has helped others find the perfect senior living fit for them. Senior Solutions offers a no cost senior placement service that will help you find the ideal senior housing Orange County.

If you have any questions please feel free to call (714) 318­0835 and speak with one of our senior living consultants. If you are considering different senior housing options and would  like some more information on regulations related to Senior Housing we recommend you  check out “Senior Housing: What you should know…” from the U.S. Department of Housing  and Urban Development.