Senior Living in California

The Truth About Senior Living in California – Common Myths Debunked


Society makes us think about senior living in California as the “go­to” place for the aged when they become senile, the ultimate fate for the elderly when they can’t take care of themselves anymore or when they don’t have anyone else to care for them. Well, almost everything you’ve heard about assisted living isn’t true at all and we’re here to debunk those myths. By letting our seniors understand the concept of a retirement home or senior living or assisted living or whatever you call it, they’ll know that senior living options are not some kind of a prison, but a place that can greatly benefit them in many different ways.

The Truth about Senior Living Facilities

 Many people believe that senior living in California consists of a bland community with a hospital­like environment where old, senile people gather together to spend the rest of their lives. This isn’t true. In fact, a senior living facilities offer you many different options to choose from like rehabilitation, nursing care, independent living, assisted living and much more.

There’s probably only one thing that’s true about senior living facilities that you commonly hear about and that is the array of essential care services that they provide. But what you don’t frequently hear (and you probably never thought about) is that they also provide fun, engaging and stimulating companionship for active seniors from different walks of life.

To further explain how senior living in California actually works, let’s take a look at some of the biggest lies about senior living.

Senior Living Means Loss of Independence

This is absolutely false. Yes, there is an option to choose assisted living, but that only means that you’ll have help with basic housework like cleaning, doing the laundry, cooking or even health care. You’ll not be guarded 24/7 like an infant, you’ll only get help with whatever you may need whenever you want it.

The Staff Is Untrustworthy

This is the number one worry of senior citizens. They fear that most staff from facilities offering senior living in California is incompetent and untrustworthy. In addition to that, they also worry that their children or loved one will just leave them there in the hands of strange people, leaving their care totally forgotten.

But (I’m sure you already knew what comes next), this is absolutely false, unless of course, you chose a senior living community known for their terrible service. A good senior living facility is designed to give you a sense of comfort. If you aren’t comfortable with your caregivers, then there’s something wrong.

A good senior living California facility is run by trained professionals and they deeply care about the health and well­being of their residents. If you are concerned about the staff at a new facility, you should make this clear to your family members and close contact should be maintained during the first few weeks of care.

Family Won’t Visit You in a Senior Living Facility

 Many seniors fear that their friends and family won’t be visiting them in the facility. This is absolutely false. Many senior living facilities offer a lot of events and activities that will help them spend more and quality time with their friends and family. Moreover, most senior living facilities in California  conduct special family days which encourage their children, siblings, grandchildren or another family member to visit their loved one.

Senior Living Facilities Are Bland and They’ll Take Away My Tastes and   Freedom

 Many seniors believe that in a senior living facility, there’s not much to do, you’re lonely, your freedom is taken away from you and you’re locked inside a room with no decorations or styling at all. Where do we live? In a dystopian community? While this is often among the first thoughts of those considering living in an assisted environment, the opposite is once again, true.

Happiness and freedom are taken seriously in senior living facilities. The main goal of this kind of environment is to enliven you by letting you socialize with other seniors from all walks of life, possibly even those who’ve come from states other than California. In addition to that, you are free to decorate your room in any way that you want and you are encouraged to continue participating in the things you love.

Adapting to the New Environment is Hard

Many seniors believe that adapting to the new environment can be difficult. Well, this one is often true. Adapting can take some time, probably about a week or two, but once you’ve started to settle in, you’ll be able to say that you’ve found a new home.

Many seniors say that they became much more comfortable with the new pattern and way of life over time and that once you’ve reached it, you’ll find that you’re actually enjoying the senior living facility.

The concept of senior living in California can be a bit disquieting and unsettling at first, but by taking the time to educate yourself about the truth, you’ll find that settling in a senior living facility is actually a great way to improve your happiness and quality of life.